Suspension of Youth Club

Message to Parents/Carers from the Youth Club Management Committee

Suspension of Youth Club

Shortly before the Summer break we sent out two major appeals for extra Volunteers for Youth Club. These appeals made it clear that without considerable extra support the Club would not be able to continue. We are grateful to those who responded but sadly the overall response to these appeals has been very disappointing and as a result we do not now have enough Volunteers to keep the Club going.

We are therefore announcing that Youth Club is now suspended and will not re-open in September.

We very much regret this decision and it is not one that we have taken lightly. The current Youth Club has been running for seven years and is widely recognised as having had a very positive impact on the Village. In that time we have been supported by over 50 Volunteers, had over 200 registered Members and provided 6000 Member evenings. The Club also won Warwickshire Youth Club of the Year award in 2011.

We very much hope that a new group of enthusiasts will feel inspired and come forward to take Youth Club forward. Funding is not the issue – we have a healthy bank balance and grants are available. The current Management Committee would be happy to  help with advice on what’s required to run the Club and WAYC (Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs) to whom we are affiliated would also provide plenty of support.

It would be great for the village if Youth Club could continue.

Youth Club Management Committee

Dave Sage
Tracey Cairns
Julie Humphries
Sam Sharpe
Geoff and Ba Marsh

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